Foodie Love: Rosa Mexicano

When in the US, do as the Americans do and visit a Mexican restaurant for Cinco de Mayo. Wait, this is a Mexican Holiday.

In observance of the Cinco de Mayo tradition, we decided to join the bandwagon of festivities and indulge on some Mexican food. We celebrated two days early to avoid the crowds and drunken people. I love margaritas and getting a buzz but now that I am older, healthier and wiser I don’t go out and party as often as I would have in my twenties. For one, I don’t recover in the same way and going to work with a hangover is really not that fun.

Rosa Mexicano is known for their guacamole and I guess margaritas since they have so many options on the menu. It is at Rosa Mexinaco where I met my boyfriend and where we made a connection over Guacamole and GMO talk.

Mexican food is actually really easy to adjust to your vegan needs. With all the little toppings and sides to choose from it is difficult to feel like you are missing out. At Mexican restaurants you can confidently sit at the table with your friends and not feel frustrated because you can’t eat anything on the menu. And no one will criticize your dinner choices since everyone is pretty much eating the same thing plus meat.

On to my findings.

I knew we were definitely going to have the guacamole which is really good. It’s made table side, hearty, spiciness to order, and mixed with veggies – onions, cilantro, and jalapeno. I do wish they added lime to it though. The guac is served with a tasty roasted tomato salsa made with red wine vinegar, jalapeno and garlic and chips, which are probably almost unavoidably GMO. It’s pretty hard to avoid GMO’s when eating out.

Since we were in early celebratory mode, I ordered “La Organica” margarita, made with Casa Noble organic blanco, lime and organic agave. It was gross! So bitter and poorly mixed. It took a lot of water to get the bitter taste off my tongue. I asked if I could send it back and ordered red wine sangria instead. The sangria was bleh. It did smell good though, like fresh flowers.

For dinner we ordered the Farmer’s Market Tacos served with deliciously creamy black beans and short grain brown rice with scallions. Because we were hungry and eating with our eyes, we also ordered plantains and sautéed spinach. The veggie tacos are served on a skillet like a dish with the tortillas on the side. The tortillas are pretty small and the size of the veggies large on average so it wasn’t as fun (or easy) to make teeny tiny tacos so I decided to just eat it as a normal dish with a knife and fork and skipped the tortillas and GMO’s. A little tasty tomato sauce is at the bottom of the skillet and the grilled veggies on top. Topping the veggies is the apple pico de gallo. Though adding apples to the pico the gallo is unique, in my opinion the pico was unnecessary. First the apples don’t pair well with the rest of the dish and second, the pico was really spicy and took away from the rest of the flavors. If you really want to try it, order it on the side. No need to pile stuff upon stuff.
The fried plantains were pretty good and sweet though I think Rosa needs to get with the times and prepare them baked in the oven. Baked plantains are just as good minus all the added oils. The spinach side dish is normally served with mushroom in a creamy sauce but we go it sautéed and it was overly plain and greasy so no comment on that.

Overall, the food was pretty good but the drinks were meh. Our server was good, attentive and gave us everything we needed at the right time so I was happy with that. Though there aren’t several veggie options in the menu (only one dish and the rest you have to build yourself) at this place it is nice to know that you can go out with your friends to celebrate Cinco and still enjoy a decent and tasty meal.

Go visit them at:
MIAMI, FL 33130

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