About MeHi. My name is Maciel. I love food, comedy and making furniture.

I moved to Miami when I was 21 to attend college (and study engineering) and have been here ever since. Living in Miami has been a love and hate relationship because it’s a transient city and maybe a tiny bit superficial but, eventually I learned to embrace it and now I love it. It’s my home and there is nowhere else I’d rather be. And with a little persistence, great friendships came along. The people in my life are gems, and I’m grateful for that.

A few years back I started to make changes to the way I eat, dress and the way that I treat myself and others. It is work in progress and more often than not, it takes two steps forward and one step back. After several ups and downs, I am in a place where I can say I’m happy with the person that I am.

As I become more conscious (and possibly less selfish) of my environment, my experience has strengthened the idea that the choices we make in our everyday lives have a tremendous impact on this planet and on the people and animals that live in it. If we all just dedicated a fraction of our time and effort to take care of this planet (the only one we have… for now) I believe we’d be in a better place. There is a Hebrew saying, Tikkun Olam, that translates to “repairing this world”…how simple and meaningful those words sound when put together. I started this blog for this reason and to share my journey through a wholesome and kind life.

Hope you find this site helpful and entertaining!