10 Amazing Things You Accomplish When You Choose To Adopt

1. You save a life
Reason number one! This is the best reason to start the rest of your life – by contributing to this world and making the world infinitely better for that pet. You are saving the life of an animal whose chances of succeeding in a shelter are only 25%. By adopting a pet from a shelter you open the doors of opportunity to another pet.

6 to 8 million dogs are in shelters every year 
75% are euthanized every year . . . 75%!

2. You decrease the number of stray animals roaming your neighborhood and digging through your garbage
By adopting a pet you support the shelters that pick up the stray animals off the streets. They get shelter, are evaluated medically, are given food and most important they are spayed or neutered. That way, even if they are returned to the neighborhoods (think feral cats), they will be prevented from reproducing. We have a pet overpopulation crisis.

3. You gain a forever friend that will be there for you during the rough times
They listen and don’t judge you, know when you are sad or upset, and are always there to comfort you. They love you unconditionally and are loyal to a fault even when, sadly, some owners neglect them. Having a pet is like therapy. Pet owners are less susceptible to the feeling of loneliness and depression. Caring for a pet helps you be more emotional stable.

4. You increase your fitness
Your dog needs to be walked and loves playing games with you. Kick start healthy habits by playing games and going for walks with your furry friend. Walking also helps make a stronger bond between you and your pet.

5. You promote healthy pets
The more people adopt, the more funds can be made available for pet care and pet education services. Your adoption fees cover vaccinations, spaying and neutering, and the cost of saving other lives. When rescued, pets are evaluated, given the required vaccines and are spayed or neutered. The shelter staff will let you know upfront if the pet has any medical conditions. At puppy stores, the more they can conceal the better. Actually, dogs from puppy stores tend to have more issues due to the poor conditions in puppy mills. Dogs in puppy mills never get proper care.

6. You save money
low adoption fees and on occasion all fees are waved. And your pet comes with the works…vaccines, spaying and neutering, etc.

7. You stop supporting cruel puppy mills
99.99% of pets sold in pet stores come from puppy mills. Even the most frou frou stores share the same little dark secret, even if they tell you they do not sell puppies from puppy mills, they do. 99.99% of the time. Trust me.
If you didn’t know before, like most of us did, now you know. A puppy mills’ sole purpose is to turn a profit. Dogs are mass produced factory style and receive no vet care, their short lives are confined to filthy cages in extreme weather conditions. The females are impregnated litter after litter and after they are spent (about 4 years) they are discarded. Under normal circumstances, dogs live from 11 years and up (depending on size) but the conditions in these places are so brutal that no one can survive that long. Look it up, it takes .27 seconds for Google to find 8.4 million results on a “puppy mill” search.

8. You get the choice of adopting a puppy, an adult or a senior citizen pet
That is a whole lot of selection. You get to choose from all sizes, colors, and breeds. Babies are cute but they take time to train and house break and tend to be rambunctious. Grown up pets come already potty trained and you can see what their personality is like when you first meet them.

9. You support your community
Your shelter needs you to keep the cycle of help going. By adopting a pet, you help make room for another pet in need…you are not just helping one pet, you are helping two!

10. You make adoption the cool thing to do
Besides being an honorable and kind decision, telling people you adopted your cute little furry friend, ignites people’s curiosity, and it helps break the stigma given to shelter animals have. Some of the most loving and grateful to be alive pets come from shelters.

Do your research and make sure you can afford to provide for your prospect companion and make sure you are not allergic. They are a rewarding lifetime commitment. Give a rescue pet a second chance at love and they will rescue you in return. When you are ready, please check your local shelter or rescue organization. Some organizations in Miami are:

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